Three steps of « strawberry nose » strategy

With the increase of age, the blackhead of the nose is more and more, each day with a « strawberry nose », the confidence of the date has disappeared, afraid of her boyfriend to stare at his nose, good embarrassment! The pores of the nose are also getting bigger and bigger by the black head. How do we want to have a smooth zero pore nose?
« Strawberry nose » battle strategy 1: release blackhead
The use of tear type nose stickers and black sticks and other rigid cleaning methods can easily damage our fragile pores, causing them to become bigger and more frightening. Use the pore cleaning mask to remove the black head from the surface and gently scrape the black surface with the acne needle.
« Strawberry nose » strategy two: tight pores
The black head comes out when it comes out? Wrong. The black head is lifted from the pores, and the pores are expanded and enlarged. It needs to soak the astringent lotion with the cotton piece to make the local wet compress.
« Strawberry nose » combat strategy three: regular cleaning
The deep exfoliation once a week is not enough to remove the stubborn blackheads. We can more concentrated, apply the deep clean or to the cuticle, and then gently massage with a cotton swab and rinse it clean.